France Insider/Paul Ben-Itzak

December 12, 2008

Democracy a la Brussels

In most places, Democracy dictates that when a people oppose a proposition, their opinion is respected. In Brussels, at  least as concerns the European Consti — er, Treaty — it means that when a country rejects having its independence fettered by Brussels, you either bypass their no vote with a ‘treaty,’ as was done in France and the Netherlands, or you make them vote again, as has just been decided for Ireland. Supposedly there are some concessions — a European commissar, non-obligation to participate in joint military actions, non-interference in banning abortions, and fiscal independence —  but reportedly it’s the same duck. And the ‘fiscal independence ‘ guarantee is baffling; France has been repeatedly shackled by, among other things, limitations on running a deficit, although that has been temporarily lifted in view of the crise. But in fact,  the European Union is nothing if not an arsenal of Brussels-imposed regulations which shackle national independance and thus maneuverability in all manner of spheres.



  1. Fortunately, the EU Parliament will shortly be strengthened. On the other hand, I think the appt of EU officials by state leaders does not contradict democratic principles because those leaders have been elected and repuplican democratic principles don’t function as well directly at a very large scale. If you are interested, here is a related post:

    Comment by euandus — November 4, 2009 @ 2:35 pm | Reply

  2. Thanks for the reply. I take your point, but the comparison cited in your related post isn’t quite accurate. The U.S. president is not elected by state officials. Rather, each American votes for their candidate; then the delegates are apportioned based on that vote.

    Comment by franceblogger — November 16, 2009 @ 9:47 am | Reply

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