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June 24, 2008

Each month, we’re winning!

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It’s kind of hard to satirize this one; the latest tactic of the government to combat the loss in purchase power is an advertising campaign, financed by public money (hey — I thought the cash drawer was empty?), to tell the public that ‘each month, we’re winning’ the battle to combat the loss in purchase power. On France Culture radio this morning the budget minister responded to the suggestion that this is propaganda by claiming it’s no different from a recent ad campaign for road safety aimed to diminish the number of  highway fatalities. Well, let’s return the parallel: It’s as if the road safety ads added the claim, “Each month, less people are dying in traffic accidents!”


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  1. […] But apparently not so empty that the government couldn’t find 4 million Euros to launch an ad campaign in which it announces to the public that its winning the battle to arrest the loss in purchase […]

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