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June 16, 2008

United States of Europe*

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In the final half-hour free-for-all on this morning’s program, France Culture host Ali Baddou remarked at how, no matter that they all came from different political perspectives, the four regular commentators plus the guest, a Socialist senator, shared essentially the same reading of the Irish vote rejecting the new European Consti-er, treaty: (According to Valery Giscard d’Estaing, a godfather of the constitution, the treaty is 98 percent the same.) Basically, the Irish voted it down because it’s too complicated. I would argue that the reason they shared the same view is that they are indeed all from the same movement, the class political, which, with the exception of the extreme left and extreme right and a few Socialists vagabonds, has never understood the disconnect normal people feel with this product of liberal (European sense of the word) Euro-crats, nor the fact-based fear they have of “Brussels” — faceless bureaucrats who now have veto power over many government actions in vital matters in countries they have little knowledge of. Viscerally, the Irish voters understood this very well.

But instead of looking at the Irish vote for what in the minds of many Irish it really represents — when they’re given the chance to vote on it, the people say no to the treaty — a segment of the Euro-crats are now proposing to change the rules: rather than scrap the treaty because a member country didn’t ratify it, have an Irish exception, letting Ireland opt-out of the treaty if the other 26 countries approve it.

*Except Ireland


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