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June 2, 2008

Mr. Grande Gueule, rendre moi un service, ferme ta sale gueule

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This is from an Alpha Blondy song on a Worldbeat Mix that my DJ mentor Doug, a.k.a. the Midnight Dread, sent me from Montana, dubbed from his Sunday Music Service in Otaku (the Sound). (Tr.: Mr. Big Mouth, do me a service and shut your dirty mouth.) By coincidence, I had it on the turntable the other night when Bernard, sitting out on the terrace, cocked his hand to his ear and asked, with a wicked grin, “Do you hear it?” After a minute I did: a frog (as in bullfrog, as in bullhorn) had installed itself in M. Marty’s petit lac next to chez moi, replenished again with the latest rains. (South of France? Seattle more like it!) “This is nothing,” Bernard said, still smiling, “You should hear when there are ten of them. They’ll keep you up all night.” Then he turned to Stephan and asked, “Remember X? He had scores of frogs in his etang and it sent him into a depression. He finally had to cork it.” (The etang (or lake), not the depression.)

Unfortunately, the frog (a cuisine in which, by the way, Bernard has never indulged) apparently does not understand French as it has ignored M. Blondy and moi and this morning at three was going full-throttle, sounding like Michel Simon on a bad day, in blissful ignorance that its days ’round these parts may be numbered; I’m seriously re-thinking my declining Bernard’s offer to teach me how to fire a rifle. Bienvenue a la ferme, M. Grande Gueule! As in — to paraphrase Antoine Doinel’s kid in Truffaut’s “L’Amour en Fuite” — la ferme ta gueule.


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