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March 25, 2008

Planete Interdite

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It’s been a long time since I’ve thought of the mock sign which was going around a couple of  years ago, “Interdite a interdire.” But the topic re-surfaced yesterday. The new targets of those who would interdit: Kids at bullfights, toreadors in the classroom, adoption for those older than 45 (comme moi) and protesting against China.

As reported yesterday by Olivier Duhamel, a commentator on France Culture’s morning program,  the French education minister, Xavier Darcos, wants to forbid kids from going to bull-fights and toreodors from extolling their virtues before schoolchildren. And M. Colomboni, ousted from the top spot at Le Monde last year, now seems intent on returning to the headlines by proposing, in his capacity as head of a commission studying adoption, that there cannot be more than 45  years between the age of the adopted and the youngest parent.

Meanwhile,  a supposedly Socialist senator, appearing on today’s morning program, chastised Robert Menard, the audacious director of Reporters  Sans Frontiers, for doing what he himself should be doing and refusing to stay silent in the face of the culturicide China is perpetrating on Tibet. Apparently, Monsieur le parliamentaire would have preferred that M. le Journaliste refrained from unfurling a banner calling for Tibet’s freedom during yesterday’s opening ceremonies of the Olympic torch passing; he doesn’t think it’s the work of a journalist. No — it’s the devoir of a politician.


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